Become a Smart Tiffin Center

Our mission is to empower every tiffin center in India in building their brand. With our technology and expertise they can raise their standards and compete with restaurants

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How easy is it to sell tiffins online with Mr. Hot

What is today's menu of your tiffin center? Just set the same menu here and you will recieve extra high margin single orders from the same menu. Set your own price, delivery charges, minimum order and closing time of orders.

1. Set your Delivery area

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2. Set menu and prices

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3. Get high margin orders

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Benefits of Tiffin Center

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Build Your Brand

Sell food from your brand, in your packaging. Your company name and logo will be shown in our website/app.

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Reduce Wastage

We know when you tell your chef to prepare dal for 100 people he will prepare for 110. Sell this extra food on our platform and earn money from the same.

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High Margins

When you sell tiffin as a tiffin you get Rs. 50-60 only but when customer can customize their tiffin they can pay upto Rs. 100-120

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Tiffin Management

Other than getting simple orders, you can also manage monthly subscriptions. We provide a complete management system to add monthly plans, add customers, manage end dates of their subscriptions.

Food Quantity Management

According to customer's plan and number it gives you menu in advance so that you can prepare limited and reduce wastage.

Create Multiple Monthly Plans

Give your customer multiple monthly plans for different diets and prices. Allow customer to change plans anytime.

Automatically Removes After Plan End

Automatically sends messages before 5 days when the plans in ending and stops if customer does not pay you the next recharge.




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Single Order Management

Sell your food online and get high margin single orders like restaurants from customers near you. Your Food, Your Brand : Build your brand online. Free consulancy on online promotions and tiffin management.

Monthly Tiffin Management

Become a online tiffin centers, manage your regular tiffin subscriptions. You can also give theme customized monthly service options. We provide complete guidance from openeing a tiffin center to rebranding, or managing operations.



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